Do you have teeth that are misshaped, discolored or gapped? If you are looking for a modern, innovative solution to repair and enhance your smile, the Bioclear Matrix System may be right for you.

What Is the Bioclear Matrix System?

The Bioclear Matrix System is a non-invasive, restorative and cosmetic treatment that uses a specialized dental composite to reshape and if needed, repair your teeth. It is comparable to traditional dental crowns, dental veneers and dental bonding and lasts just as long while affording more flexibility for the contouring of the tooth.

How Does It Work?

After each tooth is cleaned of biofilm and other contaminates, plastic matrices are placed around the tooth and slightly beneath the gumline, creating a seamless transition from your natural tooth to the surface of the new dental composite. This composite is then added, sculpted and polished into the desired form for your tooth. The process is repeated for each required tooth, transforming and creating a fuller and more uniform appearance for your smile.

bio clear in Limerick, PA

It Can Be Used To:
– Close gaps and spaces between teeth:

before bio clear in Limerick, PA
After using BIo Clear in Limerick, PA

– Fill triangles between teeth:

before after
before after

– Resize smaller teeth:

before after
before after

– Restore damaged, decayed or broken teeth:

before after
before after

– Reshape an entire smile:

before after

Bioclear: A Better Option Than a Dental Crown
At American Dental Excellence, we may recommend Bioclear for tooth restoration over a more traditional dental crown. Dental crowns usually remove a larger portion of the natural tooth before the restoration is added and as a practice that believes in minimizing invasive treatments to our patients, Bioclear allows our dentists to focus more pointedly on the decayed areas that need removal. The Bioclear composite can then be added and shaped as needed to provide a stable, strong restoration for your tooth.


How Long Does It Last?
Because Bioclear retains the structural integrity of your natural tooth, the restoration can last up to 10 years with correct dental care and daily oral hygiene, which is longer than traditional bonding, veneers and crowns.


While Bioclear is less expensive than traditional treatments (40-60% cheaper than a dental veneer and 25-50% cheaper than a dental crown on average), this procedure is considered a cosmetic, and most cosmetic treatments are not covered by dental insurance providers. However, dental decay removal is billed to insurance providers, while the Bioclear composite portion of the procedure is completely out of pocket for patients.

To learn more about the Bioclear Matrix System in Limerick, Pennsylvania, please call 484-902-0100 and schedule consultation with Dr. Keyur Patoliya, Dr. Dhaval Shah or Dr. Haritha Ghanta.