American Dental Excellence is pleased to invite you to become a member of our personalized in-house dental benefits plan. For a cost of $140 per year, you will receive the following:

  • Routine office visits and consultations to keep you in optimal dental health.
    • $ 45.00 PER VISIT.
  • Dental cleanings and exams every six months, including X-rays for adults and fluoride treatment for children.
    • $45.00 PER VISIT. (Limit two cleanings/perio-maintenance in a year)
  • Emergency visits including X-rays.
    • $ 50.00 PER VISIT (It can be more than 2 exams).
  • Reduced fees (Flat 20% or sometimes more) on ALL needed dental work.
  • Very gentle dentistry for adults and children with an emphasis on high quality dental care and exceptional patient services.
  • Special FEES:
    • Anterior tooth RCT: $645.00
    • Bicuspid tooth RCT: $775.00
    • Posterior tooth RCT: $845.00
    • PFM Crown: $1170.00
    • Build-up: $195.00
    • Post & Core Build/up: $205.00
    • Dental Implants including crown & abutment: $3320.00

We urge you to keep any HMO or managed care MEDICAL insurance you now have. You may need it for medical/hospital expenses, pharmacy expenses or other medical expenses.

Our membership plan is only valid for this office. You may want to keep any other insurance you have in case you move outside of surrounding neighborhood of Limerick, Collegeville and Royersford or if you require a dental specialist. Our office does accept most major dental insurance and union plans. However, our customized in-house dental benefits plan will provide you with the highest quality dentistry you deserve and have come to expect.

This in-house dental plan in Limerick, Pennsylvania, is exclusive to all our patients, so we encourage you to take an advantage of this special opportunity. We are currently welcoming new patients if you know of a friend or family member who would benefit from this offer. We stand behind our dental work, and you can ask us for details by calling us at 484-902-0100. Schedule a visit with our dentists, Dr. Keyur Patoliya, Dr. Dhaval Shah or Dr. Haritha Ghanta, today.