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Types of Implants
single implant

Single Implant

Our dentists and team can replace a missing tooth with a dental implant designed to match your mouth.

all on 4


Whether you need four or six implants for a full-arch restoration, implant-supported dentures can help permanently restore your smile.

multiple implant

Multiple Implant

For teeth missing in a row, implanted dental bridges are a great option.

immediate/snap on


If you want the stability of a fixed dental appliance with the flexibility of a removable dentures, this may be the correct solution for you.

Success Stories

Before & After Treatment

Every success story we have with our dental implants in Limerick, Pennsylvania, is one more person we have helped attain their dream for a better smile. Dr. Keyur Patoliya, Dr. Dhaval Shah and Dr. Haritha Ghanta are thrilled to feature our results here and invite you to learn more about our patients’ experiences. Contact us at 484-902-0100 if you have any questions.

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