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After Care for Dental Implants

  1. Do not disturb the surgical area today.
  2. Swelling is to be expected and usually reaches its maximum in 48 hours. To minimize swelling, cold packs or ice bag wrapped in a towel should be applied to the face adjacent to the surgical area. This should be applied 20 minutes on, and then removed for 20 minutes, during the first 12-24 hours after surgery. After 24 hours, it is best to switch from using cold packs to applying moist heating pad to the area until swelling has receded.
  3. Do not drink with a straw and avoid vigorous rinsing or spitting. It may elicit bleeding.
  4. Do not pull on your lip to examine the surgical site or probe the area with your tongue, or any objects or your fingers. The stitches may loosen, incision may open which can jeopardize and delay the healing of the implant.
  5. Do not smoke for at least 2 or 3 days after surgery. Smoking will delay healing.
  6. Start rinsing your mouth with warm salt water (1/2 tsp. salt with 1 cup water) every 2-3 hours. Continue this for several days, then rinse 3-4 times a day for the next 2 weeks. You may start normal tooth brushing the day after surgery, except in the operated area. Rinse your toothbrush under hot water to soften the bristles and avoid vigorous rinsing. It is important to keep your mouth clean, since accumulation of food or debris may promote infection.
  7. Limit your physical activity following surgery. You should be able to resume light activity in a day or two.
  8. Increase your fluid intake (no straw) following surgery and maintain a soft diet. Avoid carbonated beverages (soda) and very hot foods or drinks. A nutritious diet throughout the healing period is important for your comfort and healing.
  9. It may be difficult to chew and open your mouth due to tightness of the jaw mussels. This should disappear within 7 days. Keep lips moist with cream or vaseline to prevent cracking or chopping. Bruising may also occur but should disappear soon.

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