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Bioclear: What is it and why its best for you?

The Bioclear Method is a strong, minimally invasive, natural looking, and cost-effective type of dental restoration ideal for enhancing smiles by strengthening worn, chipped, broken, or misaligned teeth. The Bioclear Method has truly modernized the range of restorative and cosmetic solutions available to dentists everywhere, including but not limited to:

- closing space between teeth

- fill black triangle between teeth

- resizing smaller tooth

- stains, discoloration, or damage from decay

- restore damaged or broken tooth

- rebuild whole smile

The Bioclear Technique uses innovative plastic matrices that creates ideal contour of natural tooth to cover imperfections with dental composite to wrap around the tooth. Initially, the tooth is meticulously cleaned of decay, biofilm, or any microscopic particulates. The matrix is carefully placed below gumline to sculpt tooth using dental composite.

When Bioclear Technique is utilized after removal of the decay, the tooth is fully covered like a crown while preserving most amount of the natural tooth. The Bioclear Technique relies on building the existing tooth instead of reducing tooth surface unlike crowns, veneers, or bonding. Thus, the results are more stronger with Bioclear Technique. Plus, since all the work is done in office, the Bioclear Technique transforms your smile in just one appointment and it’s pain-free!

Why is Bioclear better option compared to a crown?

In order to prepare a tooth for a crown, large amount of natural tooth structure is removed to prepare an tooth for a crown. Comparatively, when a tooth is prepared for Bioclear, only minimal amount of natural tooth is redacted prior to building onto the tooth structure. Below illustration displays amount of tooth structure reduced in red for crown preparation compared to Bioclear Technique preparation tooth.

How long does Bioclear last?

The Bioclear Technique produces equivalent results as getting a crown without losing large amount of natural tooth. The treated teeth can last up to 10 years or longer with proper care and oral hygiene. This is far longer than bonding and roughly same as a crown or veneer.

How much does Bioclear cost?

The Bioclear Technique is on an average 25-50% cheaper than crown or 40-60% cheaper than veneers. While Bioclear Technique yields equivalent performance as crown, the procedure is classified as cosmetic. The cosmetic procedures are not covered by dental insurance. Most often, the decay removal portion of the procedure will be billed to insurance; while the Bioclear portion of the procedure will be entirely out of pocket for patients.

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