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Have you just had a root canal or are getting ready for one? Its important to know how to take care of your mouth after a root canal operation. We have some tips for you to follow to be able to recover as fast as possible.

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Problems and Solutions:

Numbness: Numbness usually lasts about 2 hours. Please do not chew anything or drink hot or cold liquids until your numbness is gone. Serious injury may occur otherwise. 

Chewing: Do not chew on the treated tooth AT ALL until the treatment is finalized. (See “Finalizing Treatment”) 

Temporary: If your temporary comes out, don’t worry. It’s not an emergency. If it was only a temporary filling, most likely only a small surface layer came out. Verify this visually, and if so, ignore it. However, if the entire filling came out please call us. If a temporary crown came out, gently clean it and place it back onto your tooth using a small amount of either one of the following temporary cements:

  • Fixodent (dental adhesive from any drugstore, or any other brand)
  • Fluoridated Toothpaste (it will hold the crown in until stronger cement is used)
  • Vaseline (also acts as temporary cement in a crown) gently brush away any excess. If you were not successful with any of the above methods, call us or call your general dentist for an appointment to re-cement your temporary.

Discomfort: We expect slight discomfort following your treatment. Use medications as prescribed, or use your favorite brand of pain reliever if necessary. Ibuprofen (Advil / Motrin) tends to work best for dental pain. Ibuprofen also reduces inflammation and is usually recommended for healing even if you have no pain.

  • For gums: Rinse several times daily with warm salt water (about 1/2 teaspoon in 1 cup). Continue to brush the area gently. A clean mouth heals faster.
  • For muscles: During the first 24, ice packs every 20 minutes are best. During the 2nd day an onwards, alternating hot and cold packs every 20 minutes generally works best to loosen muscle tension. Also during the 2nd day and onwards, slowly chewing on a piece of sugarless gum using the side opposite to your treatment may help. Avoid hard foods such as raw vegetables and nuts.
  • For teeth: Be patient. Do not chew at all on the treated tooth. Call us if you have excessive pain.
  • Swelling: Occasionally, mild swelling follows treatment. Mild bruising may occur also. These effects often occur in the anesthetic location. Contact us if you experience excessive swelling or swelling in unusual locations.

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